Construction group

Farhad Trading group has been within the last 30 years activity in construction buildings using appropriate facilities to design, construct and exploit construction projects at the domestic level.

The construction projects undertaken by our group follow:
1. Farhad Administrative & Commercial Complex No. 1, located in Mollasadra St., Vanak Sq.
2. Farhad residential complex No. 1, located in Gheytarieh St.
3. Farhad Administrative & Commercial Complex No. 2, located in Khavaran St.,
4. Farhad residential complex No. 2, located in Royan city, Mazandaran province
5. Farhad Administrative Complex No. 3, located in Vali-As Sq.,
6. Farhad residential complex No. 3, located in Farmanieh St.
7. Farhad residential complex No. 4, located in mertarlin St .