Tire Group

Farhad Mehr Company (Ltd) is registered under No37421 in Istanbul Companies Registration Dept. in 1971, and started operation in terms of foreign trading especially import of goods in the field of international trade and The object of the Company was conclude the contract and obtained the exclusive agency from great manufacturer of vehicle tire in South Korea & Turkey and was succeeded to import more than $ 400 million goods to inside of the Country through various customs and use of marine, rail & road transportation system.
Farhad Mehr Company (Ltd) with enjoying from experienced directors especially Mr. Ghasem Farhad, has the highest position in the guild of tire.
The Company was one of the greatest importer of vehicle tire in the Country and is encouraged by manufacturer of local & foreign dealers for granting sale agency to more than 260 agent in different levels throughout the Country.
Whereas, the import tires of Farhad Mehr Company (Ltd) includes the various sizes of vehicles from sedan cars to biggest road making & agricultural vehicles. Therefore, the name of Farhad Mehr Company (Ltd) is equal to quality & long lifetime of tires in past 35 years.

The Directors of the Company have exclusive policies on import goods as follows:
– Exclusive Agency of Orora Tires manufactured in Korea.
– Exclusive Agency of Hankook Tires manufactured in Korea.
– Exclusive Agency of Lassa Tires manufactured in Istanbul.