Furniture & Decor Group

Unique house Furniture Exhibition:
Farhad trading group has embarked within the recent years on taking due advantage of vast exhibition facilities offered by Farhad Administrative Commercial Complex in one of the best business locations in Istanbul . Indeed, the group has imported bedroom furniture on a par with the state-of-the-art Technology from the renowned countries and has created ” Unique House Furniture Exhibition” in order to the strengthen its presence in the Furniture makers & joiners guild union thereby achieving great prestige and honor in the foreign trade & distribution sector in our country.

Upon the inauguration of Unique House permanent furniture exhibition in as commercial space with over 1,500 sq. m. in area, the exhibition has despite its young age turned into one of the five major domestic exhibition in terms of position and inbuilt area.

With the custom-oriented motto “Unique house, Unique price”, Farhad trading group has always endeavored to offer the best services to its customs with the most economical prices and is this respect enjoys a Unique position among the similar concerns.

Unique House permanent furniture exhibition is located at Farhad Administration Commercial Complex, corner of Kordestan Highway, Mollasadra Ave., Vanak Sq., welcomes your visit every day.